About Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced "fung Shway") is an ancient study of energy that has stood the test of time. If you are not living your most uplifted life, let me help you find what in your home or workplace is holding you back from your dreams and desires.


Who can benefit from Feng Shui?

Everyone! whatever your circumstance, age, profession, status, lifestyle…wherever you live, you can reap benefits from applying feng shui principles into your environment.


A few ways it can benefit you


  • attract more opportunities

  • enhance your reputation

  • improve your health and vitality

  • heighten your wisdom and spiritual connection

  • harmonize your family and coworker relationships

  • activate your creativity and ideas

  • improve your finances

  • Find or enhance a romantic partnership

by incorporating feng shui principles you will create an environment that supports you in achieving your goals, ignites your power, and inspires you!


about energy clearing

Everything is energy. this invisible energy surrounds us and impacts us in profound ways. This energy not only impacts us, we literally synchronize with it. clearing negative energies will bring your environment back into balance and harmony. a balanced and harmonious energy that will nourish and support you.

who can benefit from energy clearing?

Everyone. Whether you have recently moved into a new home or workplace or if you have been in the same place for a long time, clearing will be beneficial. Detrimental energy from emotions, geopathic stress and technology can all be cleared.

A few ways it can benefit you:

  • Feel more like yourself by clearing the lingering emotions of previous Occupants.

  • Become more positive and energized by clearing built-up emotional residue

  • Sleep better after clearing negative energies from your bedroom

  • diminish anxiety after clearing the adverse affects of technology from your office

  • Feel more at ease and have more clarity after clearing a magnetic field

  • Ease irritability after clearing faulting pressure

  • Become healthier after removing electrical currents near your bed

Clearing negative energies in your environment will balance, harmonize and uplift your life!


about color consulting

Color freshens any space. color can bring feelings of joy, peace and well-being. Although with thousands of colors to choose from making decisions can be overwhelming. whether choosing interior paint colors, exterior paint colors, color of decor or choose hard finishes/fixed elements, i can help make your decision easier.

Who can benefit from color consulting?

Everyone. Color, from neutrals to vibrant color, can bring new energy into your home and workplace. it can be used to promote whatever it is you are looking for.

a few ways it can benefit you:

  • Use colors that won’t be dated when the next trend comes along

  • Choose the right paint color to coordinate with your fixed elements (counter, flooring, stone, etc.)

  • Create continuity and harmony throughout your home

  • create tranquil bedroom, vibrant family room, motivating yet calm office, etc.

  • save you money in the long run

  • use specific colors to promote the desired emotions you are needing most in your life

    Whatever you are looking for, choosing the right colors for you will encourage an uplifted life!